Welcome to Wolfman’s Kingmaker Campaign

I had originally intended to buy cheap web space and run a geek interest/humor blog where I would post our Kingmaker Campaign adventures for the world to see. Due to time constraints I’m shelving that project and going to use ‘ObsidianPortal’ for now.

This Portal is primary for the six individuals who are currently playing in the campaign but I’ve opened up the viewing options to “Anyone.” The game’s been fun for all of us at the table so maybe random people off the internet might also find it entertaining.

Our next game is…

Session 11: 1 PM Saturday 06OCT12 at Shawn Place

Coming: Unknown
Skipping: Unknown
Maybe: Dan

DM Comments: Kingdom Building went well last game. This game will feature more HEX exploring and a possible murder plot at Fort Quinn. There will also be a Role Playing bit with “The Golden Kobold” if Will is present.

Campaign Message Board: www.playbyweb.com

Campaign Website Work List

I want EVERYONE to help contribute! It’s a Wiki page so we can all “share the burden” of site content creation and updates. Go ahead and Stroke Through each tasking as you complete them. That way we know what’s been completed and we have a record of our progress. Also, feel free to add items to this list.

Please don’t make me restore to “assigning” party members website tasks such as “Campaign Recorder,” “Campaign Loot Tracker,” or “Campaign NPC Wiki Builder.”

“To Do” List (Updated 22SEP12)

  • Add edited session summery to “Adventure Log” tab

Note: Halfway done thanks to Will!

  • Add House Rules and/or Campaign Page
  • Add Starting INFO page
  • Create “Campaign Banner”
  • Add current party resources to “Items” tab
  • All Party Members create pages for there Characters on the “Characters” tab

1) Will (Tuk Tuk)
2) James (Nello)
3) Jim (NEW PC)
4) Mike (Shadaru Raelthim) Gold Star to MIKE!
5) Dan (Roylnd)
6) Ted (Carruth)
7) Shawn (Alchemist)

  • Scan map of player’s exploration of the Stolen Lands and posts it
    1) Scanned Map looks horrible, add on “Exploration” Wiki Page
    2) Fix image on Map Tab
  • Add a page with the Player’s Kingdom status

1) Stolen Land Exploration
2) Kingdom Character Sheet
3) Party Kingdom Policies
4) Kingdom and City Maps

  • Add a few pages of local “Background Details;” such as Restov facts

Kingmaker Adventure Path

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