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Default Starting Page used by Obsidian Portals. Has a few useful tips for necessary to page creation and editing.

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Deviations from the stranded Kingmaker Adventure Path

Starting INFO

House Rules

Kingdom Policies (Custom Game Mechanic)

Party’s Kingdom

Broken Links, will add later once Kingdom Building Kicks off

Stolen Land Exploration

Kingdom Character Sheet

Party Kingdom Policies

Kingdom and City Maps

Pathfinder’s Kingdom Building Rules

These Pages are the Kingdom Build Rules presented in Kingmaker Adventure Path book 2 of 6; posted solely for Player’s reference.

Note: Pages need minor format fixes

Kingdom Attributes

Leadership Roles

Ruling a Kingdom

Special Resources

Building Cities

Building Types


More Kingmaker Specific INFO

Useful information that directly applies to our Kingmaker Campaign.

Hex Exploration Rules


General Pathfinder INFO and Background Details

Useful information that doesn’t apply specifically to our Kingmaker Campaign.

Calendar (“In Game” Time Keeping)

Stolen Lands


Brevoy and Restov

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