"Hot" Tamale

Halfling Cleric of Sarenrae


Sweet, kind, helpfully, and just a little naive. Just like the rest of her companions, “Hot” Tamale has a slightly unhealthy fascination with Fire.


The party first encountered Tamale in a tavern in Restvos. She was a member of Ash “The Flaming Crow”‘s group and played an “unknowing” part in the disaster that befell the city after their team’s demonstration. Mortified as having a part in the accident, against her better judgment she allowed “The Flaming Crow” too take all the heat for the incident.

Month’s latter she received a message from Content Not Found: Dakkan_ to come to Content Not Found: Oleg_‘s Trading Post to help out with there charter exploitation quest. She left at once, taking her too childhood friend’s Content Not Found: MikeandIke with her. On the way to the Stolen Land’s Ash “The Flaming Crow” asked to rejoin there group. Tamale was worried about traveling with a wanted crow but she agreed all the same. Up until this point Tamale was riddled with guilt for hanging Ash “The Flaming Crow” out to dry.

"Hot" Tamale

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