Shadaru Raelthim

An enigmatic thief-for-hire, recovering from amnesia


Shadaru Raelthim is a second-storyman (thief for hire) rumored throughout Brevoy, Taldan, and parts of Cheliax. In the past he has worked with various governments as a “procurer” but recently he has taken jobs with clergy across the lands. This job entailed seeking out cursed artifacts and bringing them back for destruction, and a small fee. One cursed item still eludes him to this day, and on his search he first encounters the party. His charge may be closer than he relised, but the task of destroying it will take far more than he alone to acomplish…


Hailing from the eastern Sword Coast, Shadaru was born on another realm in the port city of Athkatla. The so-called “City of Coin” sits at the northeast corner of Bladur’s Gate.

Shadaru Raelthim

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