Mike & Ike

Gnome Alchemist Brother, known as "The Pyro Twins"


Twin brothers who love fun, tricks, fire, and explosions.


Mike and Ike are famous within the Alchemist’s Guild. They joined up with Ash “The Flaming Crow” because they thought his idea of a massive fire demonstration would be a laugh. The Pyro Twins realized that the plan was destined to fail when they say Ash’s work but they went along with the endeavor anyway. The Fire Demonstration “accidentally” created a horde of tiny fire elemental which caused havoc on the city. It was the most fun of there entire life but on the downside there beloved guildhall was destroyed and there new friend Ash was on the run.

The twins deiced to join “Hot” Tamale on your journey to the Stolen Lands because it sounded like a good time.

Mike & Ike

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