Catfolk "Honorable" Assassin


Carruth is a prospective member of the Red Mantis Assassin….not long until he’s Initiated and a full member.

As Lawful Evil, he follows a personal code of conduct:

- Never kills unless he’s payed to do so by a client
- Never takes jobs for individuals, only governments and other “reputable” organizations.
- Never kills or harms allies he’s working with during a contract; expect in self defense or if the “allies” turn against the assassination contract.

His priorities on assignment: Mission, Allies, Self.
Priorities not on mission: Staying Alive, Enjoying Life, Finding a New Contract and/or Client


Carruth grew up in Artume. A small country located in the River Kingdom known for it’s livestock and leather working.

Carruth is the Son of a Cleric of Pharasma who served as the high priest to Lord Drellis Artume. Because of this Carruth is very religious, with a healthy respect for rightful royalty, life, and death. His childhood was happy spent at the castle and was mostly happy dispute the grime nature of Pharasma’s clergy. Carruth would assistance this mother in serving the noble family of Artume but his days where mostly lazy and care free.

All that changed when Lord Drellis was stuck down by Daggermark poisoners, forceing his wife Queen Sovella to flee. She appointed Bransen Waike to service as regent in her absence. This proved to be a horrible mistake. Waike broke his vows and attempted to kill the queen. He would have succeeded if Carruth and his mother hadn’t intervened. The pair foiled the attempted assassination and help Queen Sovella escape but Bransen Waike took the throne. Blaming the catfolk as Daggermark spies and blaming them for the Queens disappearance.

Carruth now seeks training with the mystic “Red Mantis Assassins” so he can kill the false King of this adopted homeland.



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