Ash "The Flaming Crow"

Tengu "Fire Specialist" Wizard


The sort of “Leader” of the Fire Team foursome. Good intentioned but kind of an idiot, he thinks of himself a good friend of the party.


The party first encountered Ash and this group in a tavern in Restvos. This team was competing with the party for the Stolen Land charter mission. His team lost be he hold no grudge toward the party.

The “Flaming Crow” was blamed for that fire elemental business in Restvos by the local authority’s and it currently a wanted man with a high bounty on his head. Ash traveled to the Stolen Lands with the rest of his former team after “Hot” Tamale received a message from Content Not Found: Dakkan_ requesting aid at _Content Not Found: Oleg’s Trading Post.

Ash "The Flaming Crow"

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