Kingmaker Adventure Path

Session Four (Dyke Rage?)

At Oleg’s camp the next morning, Thomas (Jim) inquired about the location of the boss of the guards from Restov. He was instead directed to the private first class who was put in charge of the Trading Post’s security while the commanding Sergeant went off boar hunting with his “girl friend” for the weekend. After a quick breakfast the party was about to set out for the bandit camp when the commander of the guard returned. He was clearly drunk and his girl friend was clearly being held against her will. Thomas confronted him about his drunkenness but no action was taken. The guard was silently permitted to carry on with his debauchery while the party left to deal with the urgent matter of the bandit camp.

Thanks to the Fey’s map the party found the camp in short order. The party successfully sneaked into camp and dispatched the five bandits enjoying a late lunch. Unfortunately, the noise of the battle in the camp alerted the bandits on the road. They were lead by the twin hatchet wielding girl friend of the foul mouthed ranger who had been extorting Oleg’s trading post. She organized her large force of bandits into an ambush. The party did much the same. They set up an ambush for when the bandit returned to camp. Thus began a stalemate that lasted over an hour. Both sides waiting for the other to wander into there trap.

The stalemate was broken when Dakkan (Mike) donned a dead bandit’s armor and presented himself as a survivor of the camp onslaught to the leader. The ruse worked and Dakkan was able to lead a few of there number off into the wood in the opposite direction. Once a safe distance away from the main force Dakkan turned on the bandits and engulfed them in magical fire burning them to death. Seeing smoke in the forest and taking it as a sign from Dakkan, the party began there assault. Thomas was the first to emerge from the woods. The bandit where ready with short bows drawn and all let loose. All seven arrows missed there target on there first volley but Thomas was soon riddled with arrows as the archers continued to fire. Nello (James) was next to emerge. He insulted the twin hatchet woman by called her a dyke in hopes of distracting her from the wounded Thomas but he failed. She took out Thomas and rushed for Nello. Acton (Jeff) and Tuk Tuk (Will) soon follow but they kept there distance. Beating the bandit archer at there own game, the two pint sized heroes killed all one by one. Nello was able to overcome the fearsome display of “dyke rage” on behalf of the hatchet women and slew her as well. Thomas was restored to health using a potion found in the camp.

Taking the sole survivor as prisoner the party returned to the Trading Post with the spoils of their victory. A fair bit of gold and gear lifted from the bandit and a wagon full of trade goods. Once at camp Thomas confronted the commanding Sergeant again. The incompetent guard is to be sent back to the city and the private first class is to be promoted…as soon as the paperwork clears. Elsewhere, Dakkan ordered some specially supplies that are to be delivered to the post in a few weeks and he commandeered the post’s supply shed for his own personal use. Fearful of Dakkan wrath, Oleg’s wife allowed him to padlock and claimed there property. She simply ordered the unoccupied kobold work force to build a new one. The kobold’s womenfolk are close to filling in the pit trap hole…having worked without food or sleep since the party left a few days ago. As per Tuk Tuk’s orders, they shell henceforth be allowed one hour of rest per day.

The party learned from the prisoner the location of the Stag lord’s fort but killed him before getting more details.

NOTE: After this point the party cleared “the trap filled glad” of traps, explored a few empty hexes, and found a hut of a potion maker named Bokken, They discovered the location of a cave filled with kobolds…which the party intends on raiding and added them to there Trading Post kobold work crew.


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