Kingmaker Adventure Path

Session 3 (Holy Bears Batman!)

The party finally set out from Oleg’s Trading Post to carry out there charge: to explore, map, and De-monster/bandit-fy the Green Belt region of the stolen lands.
Before they left a monk wandered into the post and joined the champions on there noble endeavor…the three kobold were granted the duty of keeping Oleg’s wife and the post safe from interlopers until the guard from Restov arrived. Seeing how Oleg was laid up with a broken leg and arm.

The party successfully charted six 12 by 12 square miles (hexs) of hostile wilderness. During there journey they encountered four belly-aching kobolds by a radish patch, two giant frogs in a lovely slightly rotten-egg-scented hot spring, and befriend some playful fey creatures by offering them gifts of radishes and opium. The fey gave the party the location of a bandit camp and of an Elk Temple. Choosing to check out the temple, the party discovered the ruins of a shine of Erastil and its accursed guardian. A ferocious insane grizzly bear! The party released the transformed priest from his cursed state by slaying the bear. Once dead the priest soul was set to rest and the temple was briefly restored to its former glory (for 24 hours.)

The party then headed back to the training post to enjoy a brief period of R&R before they venture out into the wilds again to clear out the bandit camp. While the adventurer where away the guards had arrived to protect the post and Oleg is feeling slightly better. He is now able to leave his bed and is no longer rambling incoherent gibberish. The growing workforce of kobolds where rewarded for there efforts and there womenfolk where set to the task of refilling the pit trap hole in the middle of the training post.


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