Kingmaker Adventure Path

Session 1 (Prelude in Restov)

It was a lot of Role Playing, a decent amount of skill checks, and some combat. The city of Restov was nearly burnt to the ground due to a Tengu wizard’s ill-conceived plan to win the right to explore the stolen lands using a fiery display of alchemy and magic. By being instrumental in cowing the rampaging fire elementals, the Knight Commander of the city guard and the Lord Mayor awarded our players the charters plus gave them extra gold to compensate them for their noble service. As far as the city is concerned, the Tengu was a scheming craven who piloted to destroy the fair city and the player’s are the heroes who valiantly stop him. The actual truth of the matter however is not nearly as “cut and dry” as what the people of Restov would have you believe…

The party received 1,500 XP which everyone gets, even people who missed the game. Expect to level up to two after the first encounter in the adventure path. If you have the time please pre-level up your character that way you’ll be a level higher for most of the next game session. We’ll have to come with something in game to explain the “new members” that journeyed with the established party…maybe a short RP encounter during the morning when the party leave Restov for the Stolen Lands.


Wolfmancomplex Roger7862

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