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Dakkon revisited chp 1

Dakkon Fall

Of all the sons in the Raelthim house Dakkon had outlived each one. The estate his father left him when his obsession with power finally snuffed him from the world was a pallid amount. Once many years ago, the Raelthim name was synonimous with power and wealth. Indeed they had controlled a vast stake in the decision making body of the Chelish empire. Part of Dakkon wanted to follow in Shadaru’s footsteps, and pledge service to Cheliax. The voice drove him to more dangerous ambitions, however, and the conquest of Taldor and Ulef would have to wait. Yes… the voice, the voice that guides all who walk in the shadows breadth. Masaat. Although he cannot, to this day, remember whence the black blade came into his possesion; he is certain that it’s infernal captor has been guiding him from the moment he weilded it first.

Brevoy was an interesting myriad of elements. on one side there was the lazy countryside of Restov, happily set in there ways and nothing to concern themselves with immediately. On the other side, the Sword Lords that ruled the area wish to devolpe the Stolen Lands. They sought out conflict, in order to expand thier horizon. It was much the same way Cheliax had come to instigate to Everwar, only this time it was bandits and monsters that needed slaying, instead of sovriegn land owners and soldiers.

This air of calm, Dakkon could sense, was indeed before the storm. Through Masaat’s influence he could sense the inpending river of blood that would soon wash over this land. He needed to ensure he was at it’s mouth so that the sleeping dragon could drink again. In the back of his mind, Dakkon knew this would not end well for him, he could no longer resist the power of the blade. Upon entering Restov he learned that the Sword Lords were hiring mercenaries to clear the stolen lands of the Stag Lord and his motely crue of bandits. He signed up with the second group he encountered, as the first seemed a bit to unstable even by his standards…


So this is Chapter one of Dakkan’s back story? It’s interesting and well written, looking forward to chapter two.

Dakkon revisited chp 1
Wolfmancomplex Masaat

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